9th Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists

9th Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists

Are you waiting to get noticed? Then unleash your potential by participating in the science fair expo organized by APCYS 2020. Students at APCYS are introduced to a more systematic form of thinking. When they collect collaterals, work on demo exhibits and present projects to audiences, the younger minds grow much more.

The 9th Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists will be held at Yakutsk, Russia. The conference is being hosted by the Sakha Junior Science Academy in collaboration with various institutions. The event will have students participating from 22 countries to deliver an oral and a poster presentation of their project. The research project presented needs to be in the area of life sciences, physical sciences, computer science, and mathematics.

APCYS 2020 is held with an aim to promote scientific research exchange between students and to provide them with opportunities to share their research on a global platform. Students from various schools from across the world participate in the conference, which also aids in cultural exchange. The conference provides perfect opportunities for participants to collaborate and exchange ideas with peers.

What to watch out for at APCYS 2020

Students need to submit both oral and poster presentations of their projects at the conference. Participants can choose their research projects from various categories like:

  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Life Sciences

Apart from the main activity of sharing presentations by participants, the conference also features a lecture by one of the most prominent mathematicians or a scientist. Visiting teams are also introduced to the culture of hosting and participating countries via cultural performances, Show and Share sessions, and excursions.

How to Participate in APCYS 2020?

The team that represents one country comprises of 1-3 Team Leaders and a maximum of 12 students. Students who are participating should not be over the age of 19 years and can only choose one research project to present at the conference. Every project will have a maximum number of two participants.

Students can register for APCYS 2020 via FGSI, an international event company that has sent its prestigious students across the globe. In order to register for the global event that is scheduled to take place at Yakutsk, Russia, these are the simplified series of steps.

  • Register across the FGSI website by logging into
  • Create your profile and submit your project.
  • The concerned authorities will reach out to you. If you are participating via your school or college, the respective science teachers will cascade important info about you to the team.
  • You will require a copy of passport
  • Your project’s synopsis in at least 150 words.
  • The project paper can include case studies, neatly formulated, covering 4-5 pages. The project paper needs to include an outline of the theory, the methods used in research and the final result of the project.
  • All the documents have to be drafted in English.