International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) 2020

International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) 2020

IEYI or the International Exhibition for Young Inventors was started in the year 2004 as a part of the 100th Anniversary celebration of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. The event provides an exciting opportunity for students, providing them with a global platform to share their innovations.

IEYI 2020 is aimed at enhancing the critical and scientific thinking of participating students as they get introduced to some core concepts of technology and science. The science fair hopes to cultivate skills like communication and scientific literacy.

IEYI 2020 will be held at Indonesia, in collaboration with the Indonesia Science Expo. The event will witness about 200 young innovators from various countries who exhibit their projects and share their scientific experiences with the world.

Entry Description

The participants of IEYI 2020 can choose from the two available themes – Innovative Invention Production and Creative Art Painting. The works of an individual participant can be submitted in only one category. Participants cannot change their works once submitted.

Participants can choose from six themes to submit their project under Innovative Invention Production. The six themes are mentioned below.

  • Disaster Management - Projects that help predict natural disasters and which can help with post-disaster rescue or escape.
  • Education and Recreation – Participants can submit innovative inventions that can be used to enhance or simplify the process of education and recreation.
  • Food and Agriculture – Any inventions that can improve the existing qualities of food and agricultural processes can be submitted.
  • Green Technologies - Students can submit a project that helps with waste recycling, improve energy efficiency or to reduce air, water and plastic pollution.
  • Safety and Health – Participants can submit inventions that improve and contribute towards well being of humans.
  • For Special Needs – Students can submit any inventions that help people of advanced age and those with special needs.

Students can also choose Art technology and submit their project based on the theme of 2020 – “The Technology of Tomorrow.” This category promotes creative thinking in participants and enhances their problem-solving skills. The artworks can be submitted in any form, but the works should not have copyright infringement.

How to Apply

Students who are interested in being a part of IEYI Indonesia can fill in their application online via FGSI. The eligibility criterion for the same is mentioned below.

  • Students or Primary, middle, and high school who are aged six years to 19 years can be a part of the event. The age for the lower grade group is 6-14 years, and the age for the senior group is 15-19 years.
  • The entries have to be from one of the categories given and should be harmless to the environment and people.
  • Any inventions that are made using dangerous materials or living organisms will not be accepted, and such an entry will be disqualified.
  • Participants should also pay attention to the weight and the size of their invention. If the invention size is more than 1 meter in length, width, and height, a miniature model of the same can be used to explain the functions and purpose.

IEYI encourages young students to think beyond the books and apply scientific principles to create innovative projects to help the people and the planet.

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